Change Your Habits, Change Your Smile

Your smile says a lot about you. It can let people know you’re a warm, caring person. It can let potential employers know that you’ve got a positive outlook. It can even let potential romantic interests know that you’re friendly and ready to smile and have a good time. Unfortunately, if your smile looks unhealthy and unattractive due to yellowed teeth, plaque and tartar buildup, food caught between your teeth or caked along the gumline, and bad breath, you’re not giving off a very good impression. Luckily, adopting these three basic, inexpensive habits will improve the appearance and health of your smile.

3 Habits for a Healthier Smile

To enjoy cleaner, whiter teeth, better breath, and a smile that will last well into your golden years, follow these three habits:

Habit 1: Brush at Least Twice a Day

Ideally, we should brush our teeth after every meal. However, the experts at the American Dental Association say that brushing two times a day for at least two minutes per brushing session is the minimum requirement for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. While there are a lot of fancy (and pricy) sonic or electric toothbrushes and specialty toothpastes out there, a regular manual toothbrush and any toothpaste which bears the American Dental Association’s seal of approval will suffice.

Habit 2: Floss Daily

Less than half of American floss daily, yet many experts believe that daily flossing is the key to maintaining healthy, functional teeth for life. Floss removes food particles and plaque from between the teeth, something brushing alone can’t do. Traditional, waxed floss is best for most people. However, if you have difficulty manipulating the floss between your fingers (a common complaint of older people and those living with arthritis), handheld plastic flossers or motorized water flosser are great alternatives.

Habit 3: Drink More Water

Rationally, we know there’s no magic bullet for better health, but drinking eight glasses of water daily might be the next best thing. Water is free and clean and it will help your body work better and more efficiently. Water will also help improve your oral health. The simple act of drinking water helps to flush food particles, dead cells, and bacteria out of your mouth, leaving it cleaner and fresher. In addition, drinking water helps maintain healthy saliva levels, which in turn keeps your mouth healthy.


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