What to Do About a Loose Tooth

If your tooth feels loose to the touch, or if you bite down and feel the tooth give more than it should, you may be right to worry. Normally, your teeth should hold firm under pressure; if one is loose, then there may be significant damage to the tooth’s root, or the jawbone and periodontal tissues that hold it in place. Before the tooth falls out, or requires an extraction due to extensive damage, we advise scheduling an examination as soon as possible. With quick action, and the right treatment plan, you can prevent a loose tooth from becoming a lost tooth.

Why a Tooth Becomes Loose

Even when healthy and strong, the roots of your teeth are not exactly rigid. To effectively absorb pressure from biting and chewing, the periodontal tissues within your jawbone’s sockets, between the bone and the tooth root, are slightly elastic. The mild flexibility makes for greater resilience against pressure and friction; however, too much flexibility can mean;

Act Fast

Often, loose teeth, and your oral health in general, can be saved with immediate dental treatment and comprehensive aftercare. For instance, if gum disease is the cause, then periodontal treatment may be able to restore your healthy gums and the tissues around your teeth roots. If your bite is imbalanced and the improper force is to blame, then you may require orthodontic treatment to straighten crooked teeth. The quicker you seek treatment after noticing your loose tooth or teeth, the better chance you will have of saving the tooth and preserving your healthy, natural smile.


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