Tips to Make Teeth Brushing Fun for Your Child

Unlike walking and talking, children do not instinctively know that brushing and flossing their teeth every day is important. Therefore, good hygiene may be one of the more important things you teach your children. Unfortunately, also unlike walking and talking, many children don’t care to learn to brush their teeth, making it one of the more challenging things you will teach them, as well. To help straighten the learning curve, and make it easier on yourself as a parent, we explore a few tips on how to make teeth brushing fun for your child.

Make Hygiene Exciting!

  • Brushing and flossing before going to bed is popular practice; however, children often rebel against the idea of both. If they learn to expect bedtime right after brushing their teeth at night, then they may be more reluctant to engage. Instead, have your children brush and floss about 30-45 minutes after eating dinner, with plenty of activities between then and bedtime.
  • Getting your child to the sink with a toothbrush in hand is only half of the challenge; the other half is getting your child to brush and floss long enough to make it worth it. It should take about two minutes for children to thoroughly brush every surface of every tooth, and you can have them time it by their favorite song.
  • Unless your child has special needs that make it necessary, an electric toothbrush doesn’t really hold any significant advantages over a manual one—unless, however, your child is more interested in using an electric one. If simpler tips don’t help in generating an interest in good hygiene, then buy your child a small, affordable electric one, and teach him/her how to use it properly without hurting sensitive gums or brushing too harshly.


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