Recognizing the Effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

There are several reasons why you might feel sleep deprived throughout the day. Perhaps you had trouble falling asleep the day before, or maybe your sleep was interrupted a few times by loud noises or other disturbances. Sometimes, however, you might feel like you haven’t slept a week, even though you believe you’ve been sleeping soundly through the night. For instance, if you exhibit obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you can be prevented from reaching the deeper levels of sleep, like rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, that you need to actually rest. OSA describes a sleep disorder during which your airway is clogged by oral and throat tissues, periodically causing you to stop breathing and your mind to panic as it struggles for oxygen.

Sleep Apnea and Your Quality of Life

  • Excessive fatigue—If you suffer from sleep apnea, then you might be deprived of deep, essential sleep without remaining consciously awake, causing you to suffer from symptoms of sleep deprivation without knowing why. One of the more noticeable effects may be excessive fatigue and difficulty staying awake throughout the day.
  • Difficulty concentrating—Another symptom of chronic sleep apnea/deprivation is trouble concentrating on tasks that are normally more simple. Declining cognitive abilities can result when your mind and body have not rested properly, and besides concentration, you might also find yourself having trouble with your short-term memory recall.
  • Unusual irritability—If the lack of rest doesn’t make you irritable, then the resulting trouble with memory, concentration, and your rapidly declining energy levels may contribute to a shorter temper. If you find yourself less able to cope with stress, or if you find yourself becoming easily annoyed at things that normally do no faze you, then sleep apnea and its symptoms may play a significant role.


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