“You’ve Got Bad Breath”: What Your Family Won’t Say

Most individuals don’t realize they have bad breath. Even around family, they tend to wonder why when playing the game Telephone or telling their favorite sibling a secret the person keeps a safe distance. In most cases, consistent smelling breath is a warning sign that something bad is happening inside your mouth. Various reasons can produce the stench in your mouth. Rest assured, however, that your family dentists Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron, in Southlake, Tx, can examine, identify, and offer a solution to your oral woes.

The First Sign

Your smelly breath is a direct correlation with your oral health habits and routines. If you don’t brush at least twice a day, submit your mouth to dangerous habits like smoking, tobacco, excessive alcohol consumption, or tend to keep your food on the spicy side of the spectrum, identifying your cause for bad breath may be obvious. Your diet could be the problem alongside inconsistent oral health maintenance.

The Second Sign

If you’ve noticed a difference in your mouth’s environment, such as: dry mouth, swelling, foul tasting liquid, etc. you may be dealing with something bigger than using BBQ sauce on your sandwich instead of the fiery hot sauce you usually indulge in.

Bacterial infection can stop your fresh breath in its tracks, even if you’re brushing, flossing, and rinsing on a consistent basis. Continue the habits, but take note of the lack of change and schedule a visit to your local Southlake, Tx dentist office.

Last But Not Least

Not many people know this, but your prescribed medication may be causing your bad breath. The chemicals within those medications could be changing or altering your mouth environment, which means specific bacteria are less likely to be kept in check by their counterpart good bacteria. If your medication is the culprit for bad breath, alternatives may exist to appease your prior issues, as well as, the smell of your mouth and breath.


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