Relief with Bruxism Treatment

Do you find that your teeth or jaw joints simply do not feel comfortable on a regular basis? Have you been struggling to pinpoint the underlying problem but are not even quite sure what to think? If so, you will be happy to know that we will look for a variety of potential disorders during your dental checkups to help you return to daily comfort. Patients who suffer from discomfort may require bruxism treatment, for instance, to achieve the relief they seek. Learn more about bruxism to find out if it may be the cause of your frustration:

Becoming Familiar with Bruxism

Bruxism is an easy one to understand. This disorder occurs when you grind your teeth or clench your teeth. Some patients do this during the day without even realizing it, while others perform this habit at night. In some cases, a friend or loved one may hear you grinding your teeth, which may help you seek treatment sooner. However, patients unaware of their problem will need to know more about symptoms to seek out as a self-diagnosis solution.

Symptoms to Look For

Suffering from bruxism? Not sure? Look over the common symptoms of this disorder and call us to schedule an appointment if you identify with one or more of them. Fortunately, we offer comfortable, non-invasive treatment that will protect you against long-term damage. The sooner we provide you with bruxism treatment, the sooner you may enjoy a comfortable, fully functional smile again.

  • You grind your teeth and others hear you
  • You have indentations along the sides of your tongue
  • Your tooth surfaces are wearing down
  • You suffer from daily discomfort like headaches or jaw pain
  • Your jaw or face aches or feels sore
  • You experience heightened tooth sensitivity


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