Family Dentist: Your Tooth Decay

As a strong, confident individual you probably vie to be unique in your own way, which is great. You have a hobby, job, or pet no one else has—even better. However, when it comes to cavities and tooth decay, your treatment is individualized and idiosyncratic, meaning your issue needs to be examined by a dental professional to determine the most viable route to resolution. Fortunately, your family dentist in Southlake, Tx understands resolving oral conditions or issues are not a one size fits all endeavor.

Your Cavity’s Development

Cavities develop in your enamel as a result of bacterial infection. The bacteria weakens your teeth, creating pockets or holes in your teeth. In most cases, a toothache or sensitivity will develop once the cavity is already developed, which means it’s too late to avoid a filling or other prior preventive treatments.

Irreversible damage is done for those that do not consistently have their teeth examined to prevent cavities from forming. In some cases, people don’t experience pain until it’s too late and they need extensive treatment to cease the bacterial infection from spreading and further procedures to restore the tooth to its former function.

Never Had A Checkup or Cleaning?

It’s hard to say how much danger your teeth may be in if you’ve never visited the dentist or haven’t been in a few years. Your local Southlake, Tx dentist can examine your mouth and ensure the advised treatment will benefit your oral health and improve your confidence to smile more often.

Ridding your mouth of plaque and tartar is essential in moving towards maintaining optimum cleanliness, and it promotes good bacteria to help you fight against the bad.

Brushing and flossing at least twice a day and regular fluoride rinses can greatly improve your oral health status.


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