Families At The Stock Show and Rodeo

You have two more weeks to enjoy the state famous, Texas-made Forth Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. In the heart of Texas, families, friends, competitors, and merchants gather for a giant festival-like event surrounding the famed event of bareback, bull riding, roping, and barrel racing. Not only will the event be magnificently entertaining, but it could be a direct hit to your oral health. Dr. Wright in Southlake,Tx explains how you can protect your teeth from the sweet tea, barbecue sauces, and other consumables in the Stockyards.

Drinks and Liquids

At one point during your visit to the Stockyards, if you so chose to visit the show, you’ll most likely enjoy a beverage of one kind or another. These beverages, outside of water, can and most likely will have an abundance of sugar in them. Potentially if you’re an early riser or a late liver, you’ll eventually sip on a cup of coffee, which contains high levels of acidity. Alongside the beverages you’ll most likely eat something that involves barbecue or a grille. Hot sauce is usually found in this setting, as well. 

No matter the drink or food, you will be putting your mouth to the test. The sugars from the beverages can actually fuel any existing bacteria in your mouth to form or spread. The acidic nature of beverages or even some foods (hot sauces), can actually stain your teeth, causing minor discoloration over time. Rest assured, however, that there is a family dentist in Southlake, Tx that can help you brighten, correct, and maintain your wonderful smile.

Your Family Dentist

Dr. Wright prides himself on serving at least three different generations as a dentist. He treats and educates many of his patients on the proper way to care for their teeth, gums, tongue, and other oral aspects. He even enjoys the comfort entire families take in having him as their dentist. Building relationships alongside healthy mouths is Dr. Wright’s goal as a family dentist in Southlake, Tx.


As a native Texan, Gregory Wright, DDS, opened his private practice in Southlake, TX in 1992. He and Dr. Victoria Heron are happily accepting new patients from Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, Trophy Club, Colleyville, and all surrounding communities. To learn more, call our office today at (817) 481-7999.