Autorama, AMA Supercross, and Your Family Dentist?

Whether your a car enthusiast, an adrenaline junky, or the mild mannered individual, this upcoming weekend is packed full of events you and your family can enjoy. February 13-15 the Dallas Autorama is taking place. The Monster Energy AMA Supercross is also in town. Now, how does your Southlake, Tx family dentist play into these two events this weekend? It’s as simple as what  you drink and what you eat: sugar. Dr. Wright offers some advice on your potential sugar intake as a family this weekend and how to combat the pesky bacteria in your mouth that can and will thrive on the sustenance you provide yourself.

For The Car Show

The car lovers out there tend to wander a showroom floor admiring the magnificent machines, with their engines, colors, and interiors that would make any modest man swoon; it’s a fantastic event. However, a common denominator in most car shows exist: sugar. While  you walk the show room floor this weekend, take note of what you’re drinking. In most cases, it’s a soda, pumped with sugar to set off your taste buds and enact a desire to drink more.

The Adrenaline Fanatics

As you watch two wheeled machines zip and fly around the AT&T Stadium this weekend, remember that adrenaline increases blood flow throughout the entire body. Also, Monster Energy Drinks is one of the many sponsors at the event, which, if drank, also increases blood flow. What does that mean? A double dose of ecstatic energy and euphoria for the dedicated viewer? Yes, but it also means that any existing bacteria in your mouth may have a chance to find its way into your body through the bloodstream. Also, substantial amounts of sugar will also promote bacterial growth in your mouth, leading to issues like cavities.

Still Attending?

Remember to brush and floss at least twice a day to remove plaque buildup, food particles, and other types of bacteria from your mouth. Make sure and schedule your bi-annual dental visits, as well, to discover what you might be doing to your mouth in the long run.


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