The Trouble with TMJ Disorder Symptoms

You might not always know the exact source of your chronic aches and pains. For instance, a recurring headache could mean a wide enough variety of issues that many people simply write them off as a necessary (and incurable) inconvenience. Yet, aches and pains are not normal, particularly when they occur frequently, and are usually a sign that something is wrong. If your discomfort is a symptom of a TMJ disorder, then your headaches may be accompanied by a few other disruptively painful symptoms, as well.

What is a TMJ Disorder?

A TMJ disorder can be any of a number of different issues that affect your jaw’s temporomandibular joints (TMJs), causing jaw discomfort and sometimes making it difficult to open and close your mouth. Such issues can arise from a variety of different reasons, most of which cause undue pressure on your jaw’s joints, damaging them or forcing them out of alignment. The resulting trauma and inflammation can aggravate your craniofacial nerves, leading to severe jaw pain, headaches, facial and jaw muscle soreness, earaches, and a diverse host of other symptoms.

Signs to Recognize TMJ Disorder

Discomfort is a major giveaway of TMJ disorders, but because the aching can be so diverse, many patients fail to realize that their condition is a dental one. If you experience more than one type of chronic pain associated with TMJ disorders, or if you find it hard to bite, chew, and speak without difficulty or discomfort, then schedule an examination so we can determine if a TMJ disorder may be a factor. You may be more at risk of a jaw dysfunction if your teeth are crooked, if you grind your teeth constantly, or if you have suffered an injury to your face or jaw recently. A thorough examination at your dentist’s office can determine more certainly if you require TMJ treatment to alleviate your chronic pain.


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