The Importance of Lasers in Gum Contouring Surgery

Do you long for a bigger smile? Does your gum line seem ragged or uneven? If so, you may be an excellent candidate for gum contouring surgery. During this cosmetic treatment, your dentist will remove excess gum tissue to give you a bigger, more youthful smile. At our office, we proudly use advanced lasers to perform this treatment. These tools have numerous benefits – both for your cosmetic outcome and for your overall health and comfort.

What Is Gum Contouring?

Before your procedure, you will have a consultation with your cosmetic dentist. At that time, he will carefully examine your gum tissue to determine precisely how much tissue he will need to remove. You will work together during this appointment, so that you can more accurately achieve your cosmetic goals. When your dentist has created your unique treatment plan, he will numb your gums. With our powerful medication, you should feel little, if anything, during your treatment. Then he will use our diode laser to remove tiny amounts of gum tissue. We take a conservative approach, and your dentist will always trim away the smallest amount of tissue possible. The entire procedure will typically take just a few minutes. However, you will typically enjoy dramatic results that will last the rest of your life.

How Lasers Can Improve Your Treatment

We use lasers to perform gum contouring for several reasons. First, the laser energy is what targets unwanted tissues. The tool itself will not touch your gums. Therefore, there is almost negligible risk of secondary infection. The laser will also kill bacteria, further reducing your already low risk for complications. Second, the diode laser seals off blood vessels, so you should experience very little discomfort during the gum contouring procedure. You will also have a much shorter recovery period than you would have during a traditional surgery performed with manual tools. Finally, the diode laser is extremely precise. Therefore, we can target small areas of tissue to achieve the results you desire. The great accuracy of the laser also means that less of your surrounding gum tissue will be affected by the treatment. Thanks to dental lasers, it has never been easier to achieve your dream smile!


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