Questions About Your Children’s Dental Health

Most adults know enough to keep their teeth clean and healthy between their dental checkup and cleaning appointments. However, keeping your children’s teeth healthy until they are able to do it themselves, and then teaching them to do it correctly, is another matter entirely. As young teeth and oral structures develop, they require special considerations. To help you ensure your children’s good dental health, we answer a few of the more common questions that parents may often have.

Is sugar really bad for their teeth?

Under the right conditions (which aren’t difficult), sugar is a danger to everyone’s threat, but especially our children’s. Along with a number of other carbohydrates, sugar helps induce the bacteria in plaque to create acid, which then destroys the enamel around teeth to pave the way for cavities.

Are there foods that will help strengthen their teeth?

Besides taking care with sugar-rich foods and beverages, you can help boost your children’s dental health by feeding them minerals and nutrients your teeth need. Calcium, phosphate, and vitamin D, among many others, help strengthen and protect baby teeth, and help your children develop stronger, healthier permanent teeth underneath them.

What does fluoride do, exactly?

Fluoride is a mineral that, when applied topically, helps strengthen tooth enamel by binding to its surfaces. Children whose permanent teeth are still developing can benefit from fluoride’s ability to bolster their permanent tooth enamel, as well.

When should children start attending dental checkups?

You should bring your child to the dentist for the first time before the first birthday, or after the first tooth erupts. Like adults, children also need regular visits (usually beginning at age 3, or when your dentist recommends) to ensure their teeth and oral structures continue to develop properly.


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