Kids’ Quiz: Visiting the Dentist’s Office

When Mom or Dad tells you it’s time to visit the dentist’s office, how do you feel? Are you scared? If you are, there is no reason to be embarrassed. Lots of kids feel a little nervous when it is time for their dentist’s appointment. However, there is also no reason to be worried. There is nothing scary about the dentist. In fact, your visit can be a lot of fun! You just need to know a little bit about what to expect. Then you can enjoy your beautiful, healthy smile! Take this fun quiz to find out how much you know about the dentist’s office.

How Much Do You Know about Visiting the Dentist’s Office?

  1. How often should you visit the dentist?
    A. Once a year
    B. Every month
    C. Once a week
    D. Two times a year
  2. True or False: You should visit the dentist even if you do not have a toothache.
  3. Why does your dentist take x-rays?
    A. So he or she can look for cavities
    B. So he or she can make sure your teeth are straight
    C. So he or she can make sure your bone is healthy
    D. All of the above
  4. True or False: Going to the dentist really hurts.

Check Your Answers

So how much do you know about the dentist? Look at the answers and see how well you did!

  1. D. You should visit the dentist two times a year. Usually, this visits will happen about six months apart. At each visit, your dentist will clean your teeth and make sure that you have a healthy smile. If you have not been to the dentist in a while, ask Mom or Dad when it is time for your next visit. Remind them that visiting the dentist’s office is really important!
  2. True. You should visit the dentist two times a year, even if you do not have any problems with your teeth. In fact, visiting the dentist can keep you from getting a toothache! At each visit, your dentist will clean off all the nasty bacteria and other things that can cause cavities.
  3. All of the above. Special x-rays can show each tooth separately. Others can show what all your teeth look like together. With these pictures, your dentist can make sure you have a really healthy smile and a strong jawbone. If you ask, he or she may even show you the x-ray pictures!
  4. False. Most of the time, going to the dentist should not hurt a bit. When your dentist cleans your teeth, the tools might make a funny noise. However, they will usually just tickle your gums and lips. Sometimes, if you have a cavity, your dentist will need to place a filling. Before he or she does this, you will get a special medicine to numb your mouth. It might feel a little silly, but it should not hurt. Remember, going to the dentist twice a year can prevent cavities in the first place.


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