Month: January 2015

Can Gum Disease Affect Your Physical Health?

The thing about gum disease is that many people don’t consider it much of a threat, even if they already exhibit the early symptoms of the condition. Many people also don’t realize how wide spread the dental health issue is (it affects over 70% of adults in the United States), or that it’s the number… Read more »

Why Chewing Ability Is Important

If you couldn’t chew properly, then you would not be able to process and digest your food properly, which could lead to malnutrition and a host of other health problems. Still, food processing isn’t the only reason why your chewing ability is important. Not only does the stimulation in your teeth’s roots help maintain the… Read more »

Are There More than One Kind of Teeth Stains?

The reason why teeth-whitening is such a popular cosmetic dental treatment is because teeth stains are so common and prominent. They can also appear for a variety of reasons, from years of exposure to your foods and beverages to poor hygiene, tartar buildup, or a developing tooth infection. Usually, teeth stains can be erased with… Read more »

The Trouble with TMJ Disorder Symptoms

You might not always know the exact source of your chronic aches and pains. For instance, a recurring headache could mean a wide enough variety of issues that many people simply write them off as a necessary (and incurable) inconvenience. Yet, aches and pains are not normal, particularly when they occur frequently, and are usually… Read more »

Interesting Facts About the Human Tongue

The tongue is perhaps one of the most unappreciated organs, especially when most people think of dentistry. As an integral part of everyday functions like eating and speaking, the tongue is as important as any other part of your body, and more so than some. Not only is it important in helping you digest your… Read more »

A Quicker, Convenient Way to Straighten Teeth with Realine™

You have options for straightening your teeth. As a child, it was not uncommon to see metal brackets adorning the front of your peers’ teeth, or your own. As an adult, however, metal braces can be distracting in your personal and professional life. For a discrete solution to fixing overlapped, oddly spaced, or slightly crooked… Read more »

How to Sleep Without Snoring

If you sleep alone, then you might not be especially motivated to stop snoring. In fact, you might not even know if you do snore. Otherwise, however, the consistent noise can be quite the disturbance to your sleeping partner, as well as to everyone else who sleeps under the same roof. In most cases, snoring… Read more »

The Long-Lasting Benefits of Dental Implants

As load-bearing structures, your teeth (and your replacement teeth) need a solid foundation to operate properly, and to work in conjunction with the rest of your oral health. While your natural teeth have their roots, replacement teeth, like dentures, rely on less solid support, like adhesives. Unless, however, you secure your dental prosthesis on one… Read more »

The Importance of a Well-Cared-For Toothbrush

Its job is to help you care for your teeth by thoroughly cleaning them whenever you use it. However, if you don’t take proper care of your toothbrush when you aren’t using it, then it will not be able to perform its duties, and your dental health may still be at risk. Besides changing your… Read more »

Questions About Your Children’s Dental Health

Most adults know enough to keep their teeth clean and healthy between their dental checkup and cleaning appointments. However, keeping your children’s teeth healthy until they are able to do it themselves, and then teaching them to do it correctly, is another matter entirely. As young teeth and oral structures develop, they require special considerations…. Read more »