The Purpose of Dental Bridges

Many patients may be missing teeth because of dental problems they had in the past, or may be facing the prospect of losing teeth that cannot be saved to extraction. If you are in this situation, there are several restorative procedures we offer that may be able to fill the gap in your smile by providing a durable replacement. One of the treatments we offer is dental bridges, which, with the help of crowns, can replace several missing teeth in a row.

Why You Might Need a Restoration

You will generally need a restoration after you have lost a tooth or teeth. It is typically not a good idea for you to not replace your teeth, because without the roots of your teeth which ingest nutrients sent through the jawbone, your body will stop sending the nutrients to that area, which can cause jawbone deterioration. This may eventually lead to more tooth loss. Your teeth may also begin to drift into the space, making them crooked. In short, lost teeth generally need a replacement to prevent additional oral health problems.

What is a Bridge?

A dental bridge can replace several teeth in a row. We can craft a bridge specifically for you that can fill the gap, so that you can avoid the dental health issues caused by missing teeth. In addition, we will create crowns for you, usually out of either porcelain or zirconia, which will be placed on the teeth surrounding the bridge. These abutment teeth will be reshaped so that the crowns will fit with the bridge snugly in the extra space.

Alternative Options

In certain cases, a bridge may not be the best option for you, so we may offer another restoration, perhaps implants or implant dentures. Implants are particularly useful because the post inserted into your jawbone can replace missing roots. This is the only replacement option that can prevent jawbone deterioration.


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