Quiz: Why Dental Implants Are Encouraged

Dentists offer many restorations that can be used to fix your teeth, or to preserve your oral health after a problem has been fixed. Certain treatments can even help your dental health after you have lost teeth, such as implants. These are posts inserted into your jaw in the gap of missing teeth, and topped with a restoration that can replace the visible portion of your tooth. Dental implants are commonly recommended because of the unique benefit they provide for the health of your jawbone.

About Dental Implants

1.) True or False—The posts will integrate into your jawbone.

2.) Which problem would eliminate you from being considered for an implant?

  1. Gum disease                             c. Jawbone that has deteriorated
  2. Diabetes                                    d. All of the above

3.) True or False—If you are missing more than one tooth, then we will place an implant for each lost tooth.

4.) Which of the following can act as a restoration to replace the crown of your tooth/teeth.

  1. Composite fillings                     c. Veneers
  2. Dentures                                   d. None of the above

5.) True or False—Implants can stop your jawbone from deteriorating.


1.) True. The posts are bio-compatible, and your jaw will fuse around them, thus holding them in place. However, it will take several months for your jaw to heal.

2.) d. All of the above. Your gums and teeth must be healthy for us to consider you for implants. In addition, diabetes could interfere with your jaw healing, and if your jawbone is not thick enough, it will not be able to hold the post.

3.) False. We will examine your mouth and determine how many implants you need based on how many teeth you have lost and how many implants are needed to preserve your jawbone’s structure.

4.) b. Dentures. Fillings are used to fill teeth after a cavity, and veneers are coverings placed over your teeth. Regular restorations, such as crowns, dentures, or bridges can top an implant to fill the gap in your smile.

5.) True. Implants are the only restoration that can prevent your jawbone from deteriorating, as the post takes the place of your missing teeth’s roots.


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