How Porcelain Veneers Can Help Your Smile

Though dentists offer many types of cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile, one of the most versatile treatments is porcelain veneers, which can cover or fix a variety of issues. These treatments are often used by celebrities to mask the imperfections in their own teeth. If you are interested in receiving porcelain veneers, then we can analyze your smile to determine how best to use them to fix the major or minor imperfections in your teeth.

How Much Do You Know About Porcelain Veneers?

1.) What are veneers?

a. Caps placed over the top of your teeth                    c. Thin pieces of porcelain that cover your teeth

b. Composite resin that covers your teeth                   d. Thick pieces of porcelain that cover your teeth

2.) Which of the following can porcelain veneers fix?

a. Gaps in teeth                                                               c. Jagged edges

b. Discoloration of your teeth                                        d. All of the above

3.) True or False—Veneers are always the best option for fixing chipped teeth.

4.) True or False—Veneers are permanent.


1.) c. Thin pieces of porcelain that cover your teeth. They are crafted specially for you to be placed over the appropriate areas of your teeth. We will decide in advance where the veneers will go, then place them once the pieces are ready.

2.) d. All of the above. Veneers can cover and reshape your teeth by fulfilling the above roles, or fixing uneven or worn down teeth.

3.) False. Although veneers can fix chips in your teeth, dental bonding treatments can help with many of the same problems as veneers, though the porcelain coverings are more durable and permanent.

4.) True. To place a veneer, we have to remove some of your enamel so that the veneer has room to fit with the rest of your teeth. Once this enamel is removed, you will need the protection provided by some kind of restoration.


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