Are You Dreaming of a White Teeth Christmas?

Are you dreaming of a whiter smile – just like the one you used to have? Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can reduce dental stains and bring back your glistening grin. At our Southlake practice, we offer both at-home and in-office teeth whitening treatment. Both are safe and effective, and they can make an excellent gift. You could even treat yourself this Christmas. With one of our outstanding cosmetic options, you could enjoy white teeth throughout the New Year.

What Causes Dental Stains?

Extrinsic stains are the most common type of dental discoloration. These stains are located on the outer layers of your teeth, and they most frequently result from food and drink. Dark colored foods contain heavily pigmented molecules called chromogens. If you frequently consume dark foods and drinks, the molecules will attach to your teeth. Tannins and acid also play significant roles in tooth discoloration. Tannins allow chromogens to adhere to your teeth more easily. Acid will erode your dental enamel, exposing the more porous layer of dentin underneath. With more surface area, chromogens will attach to this layer of your teeth more easily. In addition, sugar interacts with bacteria to form acid, leading to further discoloration and decay.

Unfortunately, this time of year poses plenty of opportunity for dental discoloration. Many of the foods most frequently served at holiday parties – wine, coffee, tea, tomato sauce, sodas, candy, etc. – are high in chromogens, tannins, acid, and/or sugar. To maintain your white teeth this Christmas, be sure to drink plenty of water and maintain excellent oral hygiene.

How You Can Achieve White Teeth this Holiday

While good hygiene and dietary habits can help to combat dental discoloration, our whitening treatments can reduce stains that have already developed. If you are looking for the fastest and most dramatic treatment, Zoom! whitening may be the right option for you. During this one-hour treatment, we will use a powerful whitening gel and a specially designed blue light to whiten your teeth by up to eight shades. If you desire the most affordable and convenient option, consider in-office treatment. We will provide custom-made whitening trays and whitening gel to dramatically lighten your teeth in one or two weeks. No matter which treatment you select, you are sure to be pleased with the results. So, from all of us at our Southlake practice, Merry Christmas – and may all your teeth be white!


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