What to Know About Tooth Fillings

Because cavities are the most are the most common dental health issue, tooth fillings are more common than many people might realize. Still, many people who have them don’t realize all there is to know about tooth fillings, and how the material used can influence the effectiveness of the restoration. At our Southlake dentists’ office, we offer composite resin, rather than more traditional metal, for its ability to better fulfill the duties of a tooth filling while simultaneously blending in with your smile.

How Fillings Fix Cavities

In simple terms, a cavity is a hole in your tooth. More precisely, it’s what’s left behind as infectious bacteria consume your healthy tooth structure. The longer it’s left untreated, the larger a cavity will grow, and the more serious your tooth decay will become. A tooth filling can treat most mild to moderate cavities, assuming the infection hasn’t progressed into the tooth’s inner chamber (pulp). After we’ve cleaned and sanitized the cavity, the resin is applied as a liquid and conforms to the shape of the hole. A curing light hardens the resin to make sure it’s strong enough to withstand biting and chewing, and to seal the tooth’s exposed structure from further bacterial infection.

Why Composite Resin Trumps Metal Amalgam

Even if you could see a tooth-colored filling (which, by design, you can’t), you might see more metal amalgam ones, especially in adults who’ve had their teeth cavities treated long ago. Today, we know that composite resin not only conforms more accurately to a cavity’s shape, but reduces the risk of a failed filling due to expanding/contracting metal. Given the fact that resin can also be securely bonded to your tooth’s structure and tinted to match your tooth’s color, it’s quickly becoming the tooth filling material of choice among image-conscious patients with cavities.


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