Questions About Cavities

The more you know about cavities, the better you can protect your teeth from them. Even if you’ve had a cavity before (and, hopefully, have had it treated), you can protect the rest of your teeth from experiencing the same trouble if you understand cavities and how to prevent them. To that end, your Southlake dentists, Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron, answer a few common questions about cavities, with answers that might surprise you!

Tooth Decay and Cavities

1.) What’s the leading cause of cavities?




Poor hygiene

2.) What’s the best way to treat a cavity?

A dental filling

Root canal therapy

A dental crown

Better hygiene

3.) How can I prevent cavities?

Refrain from sugar

Drink more water

Practice better hygiene

Visit your dentist more often

Cavity Answers

Good news—If you guessed any answer at all, you’re correct!

1.) Cavities are holes that form when decay settles into your tooth. Sugar, found abundantly in sodas, fruit juices, and several types of popular beverages, feeds the bacteria hiding in your plaque, some of which convert the sugar into acids that erode your teeth’s protective enamel. Poor hygiene can allow for excessive acid erosion, leaving your teeth susceptible to infection by harmful bacteria.

2.) Treating cavities varies from patient to patient, and depends on the severity of tooth decay. Early decay might be reversed with better hygiene, while mild to moderate cavities can be restored with a dental filling comprised of tooth-colored composite resin. More serious cases of tooth decay often need root canal therapy to thoroughly clean and sanitize the inside of the tooth, and a dental crown to reinforce the tooth.

3.) Refraining from sugar inhibits oral bacteria’s fuel supply. Drinking water helps rinse away bacteria and food debris while neutralizing bacteria-produced acids. Practicing better hygiene will help reduce your risk by removing bacteria from your teeth twice a day (or more), and visiting your dentist on a regular basis allows us to perform routine dental checkups and cleanings to spot early signs of trouble.


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