How to Benefit from Laser Dentistry

Home entertainment and personal devices aren’t the only area in which technology is constantly evolving. When it comes to your dental care, we strive to provide technologically advanced treatments that make your visit more pleasant, more comfortable, and less of a burden on your busy schedule. To that end, laser dentistry techniques allow us to perform a wide variety of procedures with impressive precision, amazing results, and significantly quicker healing times.

Lasers for Cosmetic Purposes

For cosmetic purposes, lasers are often used to cure and fortify tooth-colored resin (bonding), or to reshape a gummy smile without the need for a scalpel and surgery.  Curing a tooth’s resin bonding with laser light makes it significantly stronger and resistant to breakage. Through laser gum contouring, the technology can trim away excessive gum tissues to create a more symmetrical and attractive gum line.

Lasers for Restorative Treatment

If your tooth is infected with bacteria (a condition called tooth decay, which causes cavities to form), then treatment will require removing the bacteria so they’ll stop consuming your tooth. Using lasers instead of a dental drill, cleaning the inside of your tooth is quieter and less discomforting, and we can preserve more of your healthy tooth structure due to increased precision.

Lasers for Periodontal Tissues

Shaping your gum line isn’t the only way lasers can improve your periodontal treatment. Like treating tooth decay, addressing gum disease also entails cleaning away bacteria, but from underneath your gums rather than inside of your tooth. For advanced periodontal treatment, lasers can help clear away the germs to promote healing gums, and if surgery is necessary, lasers can replace the scalpel, and the need for sutures to heal properly.


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