Fitness Enthusiasts—Guard Your Dental Health!

If you take your physical fitness seriously, then chances are that eating healthy and keeping your teeth clean and disease-free are also a priority. However, while vigorous exercise does wonders for your physical health, some of the processes your body goes through can endanger your oral health in the long run, if you’re not careful. To help you keep your smile as fit and beautiful as your physical frame, we explain why fitness and dental health aren’t always on the same page, and how you can safe-guard your smile while toning your physique.

How Working Out Could Promote Cavities

When you work out, you tend to breathe pretty heavily from your mouth, which can cause your mouth to dry up. While a healthy body can better regulate your immune system, and therefore your infection-fighting capabilities, dental issues that involve bacterial infections, like cavities, can thrive in a dry, saliva-less environment. Add dry mouth to the increased carbs you might ingest for more energy, as well as highly-acidic and sugary sports and energy drinks, and your workout routine could create an ideal oral environment for tooth decay and cavity development.

Keep Your Smile as Fit as Your Physique

One of the easiest ways to significantly reduce exercise-related cavity risks is to switch your popular sports and energy drinks with plain old, tooth-friendly water. Not only does water do a better job of rehydrating your mouth and body, it also acts as a natural rinse that neutralizes bacteria and harmful substances. Also, be sure to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, and after every workout, if possible, to keep bacteria from growing stronger. For more case-specific suggestions, schedule a checkup and cleaning appointment with Dr. Wright or Dr. Heron as soon as possible.


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