Custom-Made Smile Makeovers for Every Need

Smiling is a common and natural human expression. Unfortunately, so is self-consciousness, and if you’re unhappy with one of your most dominant facial features, then hiding your smile might quickly become second nature. Fortunately, Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron can customize a smile makeover plan to bring out your smile’s inner beauty. It might sound extensive, and in some cases, it can be, but typically, smile makeovers focus on achieving the most dramatic improvements using the most conservative combination of methods.

Teeth Stains

Have you noticed that your teeth have gradually lost their shine and luster? Even when you take the best care of your teeth, they can still develop stains or grow darker and duller due to years of use. When exposure to different foods and beverages affects your teeth’s appearance, professional teeth whitening can typically brighten them by erasing the stains.

Chipped, Uneven Teeth

Teeth stains may be common and fairly easy to get rid of, but when your cosmetic needs are more serious than simple staining, teeth whitening won’t suffice. For instance, teeth with chipped edges, or that appear too large or too small, might be improved with cosmetic teeth bonding and/or contouring. Dr. Wright or Dr. Heron can expertly place and sculpt tooth-colored composite resin onto the tooth (bonding), or gently reshape the tooth (contouring) to make it fit more naturally with your smile’s contour.

Crooked, Oddly-Spaced Teeth

Sometimes, bonding and contouring can help close a minor gap between two teeth, but porcelain veneers may provide a more natural-looking, and longer-lasting, solution. Veneers are very thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth, and can completely change the size, shape, color, and in some cases, the alignment of your smile.

Missing Teeth

Tooth loss isn’t an inevitable part of aging, but it happens often enough that it remains a significant concern for many people. While they affect the overall function of your bite, the most visual effects of missing teeth are the gaps in your smile. Usually, Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron will recommend dental implants (surgically-inserted prosthetic teeth roots) to replace them. By supporting your dental crown, bridge, or denture on one or more implants, your replacement teeth will look and feel more like your natural, healthy teeth.


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