The Beauty of Confidence in Your Smile

Southlake cosmetic dentists, Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron, understand that your confidence in your smile is as important as its health, even though the two are not always related. Your teeth and gums can be healthy and strong, but still made unsightly by a number of different cosmetic issues, including stains, chips, or odd spaces. If you are not happy with your smile, chances are you will be less inclined to flash it in most instances. To help underscore the importance of maintaining pride in your smile, Drs. Wright and Heron explain the benefits that you may not realize your smile can grant you when show it confidently and often.

How Your Smile Works for You

•         Have you ever heard that smiling is contagious? While it is true that a smile is not a disease, you shouldn’t discount the adage as a mere turn of phrase. Numerous studies have shown people tend to smile more when they see someone else smiling. As your smile spreads to those who are physically around you, your atmosphere can lighten, reducing the amount of environmental stress that can dampen your mood.

•         Smiling can also improve your own demeanor. When you smile, your body releases endorphins—natural feel-good neurotransmitters that can elevate your mood. As you gradually become more pleasing to be around, the quality of your social and professional interactions will improve, as well.

•         One of the more obvious benefits of a confident smile is the show of confidence. Smiling easily conveys a sense of self-assurance, and surveys show that people find smilers more attractive than scowlers. Also, when coworkers and higher-ups see the confidence with which you go about your day, it may translate into more confidence they have for you. Bosses will be more willing to promote someone who is confident and upbeat over someone who often appears surly and in a bad mood.


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