Celebrate 4th of July Without Worrying About Your Teeth

In a couple of days, we’ll once again celebrate the birth of our great nation with a myriad of Independence Day festivities. Most will include a fireworks show to close the night with a bang, but before the sun sets, many people will also celebrate the holiday with lots of food and lots of fun. If you’re worried about how the feasts and treats will affect your teeth (and, honestly, you should be), then fear not. Your Southlake dentists, Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron, offer a few tips to keep your teeth safe this 4th of July while still partaking in the culinary fun of barbecues and baked goods.

Tips to Keep Your Teeth Safe

  • Don’t show off—So your best friend can wow the crowd by opening a beer bottle with his belt buckle? Well, don’t try to show him up by doing the same thing, but with your teeth. Even if you have spent years mastering that talent, continuing to do so will damage your teeth, especially at a time when ample food and drink have left them weak.
  • Keep water close by—The heat alone should prompt you to make sure that you always have access to drinking water. Besides keeping you hydrated, water also helps keep your mouth moist with saliva—your mouth’s natural rinse. Take a swig of water once in a while, especially after eating something or drinking an alcoholic beverage, to keep your saliva production up, and to rinse away food particles and lingering bacteria.
  • Carry floss with you—Whether it’s the barbecued ribs or other meat, or that giant ear of corn you devoured, chances are something from the table will work its way between your teeth. Carry around a small travel container of floss to pick out pieces of food and debris before they can feed the harmful bacteria that contribute to plaque.


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