Dental Implant FAQs

Among the comprehensive list of dental treatments and procedures Dr. Wright offers, dental implants are near the top in popularity. The versatility of implants allows for various restorative procedures to occur while bringing smiles back to their former beauty. A sense of self confidence is revived, and a smile regains its functionality, too. If you’ve lost a tooth, have a decayed tooth, or have severely damaged a tooth, the Gregory Wright, DDS office in Southlake, TX provides a solution to your tooth condition, and some frequently asked questions are addressed below.


Question: How do I know if my oral health is good enough to accept a dental implant?

Answer: In most cases, patient’s who retain good oral health and have adequate bone density at the potential implant site tend to be ideal candidates for a dental implant. However, all of this is to be determined during a scheduled examination with Dr. Wright.

Questions: How long will it take to place a dental implant?

Answer: To place the actual implant, the time frame varies per patient. The duration per procedure could take anywhere between 30minutes to four hours. Although this seems like a broad span of time, each patient’s oral cavity presents various dynamics in the placement process. Also, local anesthetic along with potential sedation may be required to complete the procedure.

Question: How long will an implant last?

Answer: Theoretically, dental implants are placed to last a lifetime along side the lifespan of the patient’s teeth. However, various influences are out of Dr. Wright’s control that could counter the lifetime expectation of either natural teeth or implant. The best course of action is to attend regular dental checkups and cleanings as recommended, continue excellent at-home dental care, and notify your dentist if any minor or major issues arise to maintain your overall oral health. Follow a routine oral health regime and you increase the chance of keeping our teeth and dental restorations for a lifetime.

Question: How versatile are dental implants?

Answer: First, the dental implant allows for versatility in various restoration processes. The titanium post once integrated with the jaw bone allows for the placement of a crown, to support a bridge, or to secure full dentures. If you are missing a tooth or need a tooth restored due to decay, a dental implant is a safe, highly successful procedure to consider. If you have more questions or would like to schedule a consultation, call our Southlake, TX office today.

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