Month: June 2014

The TMJ Quiz

Your dental health is influenced on many levels. The most widely understood levels involve infections (like tooth decay and gum disease) that stem from poor hygiene and dental plaque, which contains hundreds of kinds of infectious bacteria. On a more complex level, your dental health also depends on foundational issues, such as how your teeth… Read more »

Things You Might Do to Increase Your Risk of Cavities

Good dental health is as much about what you don’t do as what you do. For instance, brushing your teeth is good, but if you don’t floss as well, then you’ll likely develop a dental issue anyway, like cavities. Likewise, there are other things you might do or not do when you’re away from the… Read more »

A Filling that’s More than Just a Filling

Even people with perfectly healthy teeth usually know what a dental filling is. Given the fact that over 90% of adults have been affected by tooth decay, chances are most people at least know someone who has had to treat a cavity. Dental fillings are a restorative treatment that involves filling a cavity to restore… Read more »

Surprising Allies in the Fight Against Cavities

Your toothbrush and dental floss may be the first thing you think of when you consider cavity prevention (and you’d be right to consider them). However, good hygiene isn’t the only way to keep your teeth safe from infectious decay. The widespread dental disease is caused by harmful substances that oral bacteria produce—the same bacteria… Read more »

How You Can Fix a Gummy Smile

Do your gums seem as exposed, or more, than your teeth when you smile? Excessive gingival display, or a gummy smile, can sometimes result from an abnormality in the muscles that control your lip movement, though it’s more often caused by too much or uneven gum tissue. Fortunately, gummy smiles aren’t always an immediate dental… Read more »

The Truth Behind Gum Disease Development

You might hear about it quite often, especially from your dentist, but gum disease is more of a concern than many people realize. As one of the most common dental conditions among adults today, gum disease (periodontal disease) is also the leading cause of permanent tooth loss. If it’s allowed to progress that far, the… Read more »

Feed Your Children’s Smiles This Summer

Besides keeping them entertained and safe, you also have to keep your children well-nourished, which is often most challenging when they’re home for summer break. Easy-to-grab and easier-to-consume bags of chips and other junk food might be as convenient as they are popular, but they aren’t very kind to your children’s dental and overall health…. Read more »

Is Your Snoring Problematic? Find Out With a Quiz

To your sleeping partner, the noise of you snoring might be considered a problem. However, what many are unaware of is that snoring, particularly the causes behind it, can actually prove harmful to the snorer (and not just in the sense of an aggravated sleeping partner). Whether it’s merely a consistently annoying habit, or a… Read more »

Dental Implant FAQs

Among the comprehensive list of dental treatments and procedures Dr. Wright offers, dental implants are near the top in popularity. The versatility of implants allows for various restorative procedures to occur while bringing smiles back to their former beauty. A sense of self confidence is revived, and a smile regains its functionality, too. If you’ve… Read more »

Do I Grind My Teeth?

Occasionally grinding or clenching your teeth might not always cause harm; however, if it becomes a regular occurrence, your teeth can become damaged and further dental complications may arise. Teeth grinding, clinically named bruxism, can occur due to stress, anxiety, a misaligned bite, or crooked or missing teeth. Because this usually happens during sleep, most people… Read more »