When a Tooth Needs Extracting

Most people are well aware that impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed. But periodically, other teeth may need to be removed and extracted, as well. The reasons may be varied, but what does not change is the need for a dentist skilled in tooth extraction to maximize your care before, during, and after the procedure. Besides removing teeth, Southlake dentist, Dr. Gregory Wright, is also highly-skilled in cosmetic dentistry, and can help you plan how your smile will look after the tooth has been extracted.

Why Would A Tooth Need To Be Extracted?

They are many reasons a tooth or teeth must be extracted:

  • For children, a tooth or teeth may be extracted if their baby teeth have not fallen out in time for their adult permanent teeth to come.
  • When a patient must receive orthodontic treatment, often one or more teeth will need to be removed to ensure that there is proper spacing and room to move the remaining teeth into their proper places.
  • People receiving cancer treatment – radiation or chemotherapy – will often require the removal of one or more teeth. For radiation, it is possible that a tooth or teeth are blocking the site to be treated. For patients receiving chemotherapy, it is essential that no infection will occur, which may be exacerbated by their weakened immune system.
  • Gum disease can also lead to tooth extraction. As periodontal disease progresses, teeth often become extremely loose and the disease may be so severe that it affects the jawbone that holds the teeth. These situations often result in the need for tooth extraction.


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