A New Gum Disease Innovation: Protein

ProteinCapsulesPreventive dental care is a similar concept to maintaining your car with oil changes or cutting your hair every six weeks. Maintenance allows us to keep things as we want them. Periodontal disease (gum disease) is another preventable condition which consists of inflammation when your gum tissues are infiltrated by bacteria. Gum recession and tooth loss are pretty much guaranteed when periodontal infection isn’t tended to with the help of Southlake dentists, Drs. Gregory Wright and Victoria Heron. However, new treatment innovations are being worked on all the time. One recent compound under the microscope is protein.

About Gum Disease

When patients have gingivitis (early gum disease) the main symptom is mildly puffy gum tissues which might bleed when you brush and floss. Ignoring these early periodontal disease signs, neglecting regular biannual dental checkups, and failing to brush and floss regularly allows tartar to build up at the gumline, worsening gum disease. Once in the periodontitis stage, periodontal pockets form between the gums and teeth and gum recession starts, weakening the attachment of the gingival tissues to your teeth.

Gum Disease Research

Dr. Steven Little presented the protein research at the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society. The research study began with laboratory experiments on rodents. Efforts were made to discern whether or not regrowth of gum tissues ravaged by severe periodontal disease was possible. Scientists focused on the response of oral tissues to protein exposure as a way to halt gum disease and restore gum tissues.

Battling Periodontitis

Under Dr. Little’s leadership, the team of scientists utilized controlled-released protein capsules to treat periodontitis. The capsules were inserted directly into periodontal pockets. As they dissolved slowly, the protein guided immune cells to the areas of infected gum tissue. According to the early results of this exciting research, protein elicits a fast surge of white blood cells which can potentially stop periodontal disease in its tracks. The protein also has the potential to stimulate gum tissue regrowth.


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