Are Your Gums Going Somewhere?

The tightly-sealed tissue that surrounds the bottom halves of your teeth is the main protection for their roots. Unlike their crowns, your teeth’s roots aren’t protected by enamel, and when your gums begin to recede, they expose the vulnerable roots. Gum recession may occur gradually as you age, or can be exacerbated by dental diseases or careless hygiene habits. Whatever the cause, receding gums leave pockets where bacteria can gather between the tissue and your teeth’s roots, increasing your risk of developing destructive gum disease in the near future.

Do Receding Gums Pose a Health Problem?

Even when it’s at optimal health, your mouth contains over 600 different identifiable kinds of bacteria, most of which can be found in the plaque that occasionally builds up on your teeth. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy depends largely on keeping these germs under control, such as by brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice every day. When gums recede and bacteria gather in the periodontal pockets, your toothbrush and floss may not be able to reach them. Left undisturbed, the presence of these germs can lead to rampant inflammation and the destruction of your gums and jawbone, often resulting from aggressive gum disease.

Why Gums Don’t Stay in Place

In some instances, the beginning stages of gum disease can cause gum recession, not just result from it. While some germs incite inflammation in your gums, others release toxins that attack the connective tissues that hold your gums to your teeth. Aggressively brushing and flossing your teeth, or habitually grinding them together, can also irritate your sensitive gums, causing them to recede.

How to Bring Your Gums Back

Besides posing a risk to your dental health, an uneven gum line can make some teeth appear longer or uneven. Using advanced soft tissue lasers, Dr. Wright can perform laser periodontal therapy to eradicate bacteria from underneath your gum line and allow your gums to heal. Dental lasers can also be used to reshape the contour of your gum line to create a more symmetrical frame for your smile (cosmetic gum contouring).

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