When Crooked Teeth are Only Cosmetic

When a patient’s teeth are crooked, Dr. Wright ensures that the patient understands the complications of malocclusion and the options available for correcting them. Serious cases of malocclusion may require orthodontic braces consisting of metal or tooth-colored plastic brackets and wires. Often, however, Dr. Wright can help our older teen and adult patients correct crooked teeth without the use of traditional braces. From the makers of Invisalign® clear braces, Dr. Wright introduces Realine®, a quicker and discreet alternative to braces that focuses on the cosmetic aspects of your teeth’s alignment.

Complications of Crooked Teeth

The slight drop in confidence that often accompanies crooked teeth can sometimes be enough motivation for a patient to seek treatment. In case it isn’t, Dr. Wright warns that not straightening misaligned teeth can significantly increase the risks to your dental health. The uneven, hard-to-brush-between edges and crevices of crooked teeth can harbor food particles and bacteria that lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and chronic bad breath. Straightening the contour of your smile makes it easier to keep your teeth and gums clean and free of disease. They can also force your jaw to work harder to keep your mouth straight as you bite and chew, leading to issues with the joints and muscles that power your mouth’s movement.

Introducing Realine® Cosmetic Braces

Clear aligners have quickly become popular as an alternative to traditional braces, and consist of translucent plastic that remains invisible when placed over your teeth. Usually a part of Invisalign treatment, clear aligners gradually move your teeth as you change them for the next in the series. For patients with minor orthodontic issues, such as crowding, small gaps between teeth, or orthodontic relapse, Dr. Wright may recommend Realine, which focuses primarily on the visible aspects of your smile and typically only takes between three and four months to complete. After a thorough examination of your smile and a personal consultation, Dr. Wright will advise you whether Realine, Invisalign, or traditional braces are the ideal option for you.

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