How Braces Work, and Why You Might Not Need Them

Some of the most common dental health issues, like cavities and early gum disease, are often detected by your dentist when you attend a routine checkup and cleaning. While you probably don’t have to be a dental professional to recognize that your teeth are crooked, a thorough consultation with Dr. Gregory Wright can help determine whether or not you need traditional braces to fix them.

“Why’s” and “How’s” of Moving Teeth

The reasons for straightening crooked teeth encompass more than how your smile looks. If your teeth are crooked, your mouth can’t operate properly, and the imbalance can wreak havoc with your teeth and jaws. The inconsistent edges and spaces between your teeth can also make it harder to effectively clean them. Orthodontic treatment, or the science of teeth alignment and movement, is a complex science that involves more than just forcing your teeth into more appealing positions. The roots of your teeth are embedded within your jawbone, and braces are designed to move them slowly enough for the bone surrounding the roots to reform around them (bone reformation). In many cases, the same principles of tooth movement can be applied with clear aligners, rather than metal brackets and archwires.

Cosmetic Smile Improvement

Invisalign® clear braces provide an innovative approach to orthodontics by supplying you with a series of invisible acrylic aligners that fit snugly over your teeth. Each subsequent aligner is slightly different than the last, shaped to continue guiding your teeth where the previous ones stopped. Because of the complexity of tooth movement, Invisalign typically lasts as long as traditional orthodontic treatment (between one and three years). For minor issues, like crowding or orthodontic relapse, Dr. Wright may recommend Realine® cosmetic braces, from the innovators of Invisalign treatment. Realine focuses on the most visible teeth in your smile, and usually only takes between three and four months to complete. If your teeth appear uneven, speak with Dr. Wright to find out if cosmetic or clear braces can help you improve your smile’s aesthetic value.

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