Does Your Dental Filling Live Up to Standards?

Today’s dental techniques and materials have significantly raised the bar of standards for treatment. More people enjoy beautiful, healthy, natural smiles than ever before thanks to highly-effective and cosmetically-pleasing dental restorations. For instance, if your tooth develops a cavity, you have a variety of options for treating it before the infection eats away your entire tooth’s structure. The success of your treatment, however, depends on the quality of your restoration. Typically, Dr. Wright recommends white fillings, which improve many aspects of older metal fillings to provide a more successful solution to destructive cavities.

Is your dental filling too high?

When your dental filling is placed, one of the most important steps is to make sure it fits properly. If it rests too high, then the filling will meet the opposite tooth before the rest of your teeth meet when you bite down. The excessive pressure on your tooth can disturb the gums and ligaments around it, leading to tooth discomfort. White fillings are comprised of a composite resin made from plastic and glass-like particles, rather than a combination of metals. It’s applied in liquid form to conform to the shape of your tooth and cavity, reducing the risks of an uncomfortable fit.

Is the dental filling obvious?

You might’ve guessed by their name, but white fillings are perhaps most popular for their ability to match the appearance of your tooth. Composite resin can be custom-tinted to match the color and shade of the surrounding tooth structure, unlike metal fillings that only come in shiny metallic. The color of your filling doesn’t directly impact its effectiveness, but it can determine how confidently you flash your smile in the future.

Is your filling likely to fail?

Appearance isn’t the main benefit of white fillings, though it is a significant one. Composite resin can be bonded to your tooth’s surface, creating a more potent barrier to keep bacteria out of the tooth’s cavity. Amalgam fillings can protect your tooth’s interior, but if they change shape in different temperatures (like metal is apt to do), metal fillings can expose your tooth to further infection.

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