Month: February 2014

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

The desire for brighter smiles has made teeth whitening the most frequently-requested cosmetic dental procedure today. If your teeth are stained or dulled from years of drinking coffee, wine, and soda, professional teeth whitening can brighten their appearance in little time, and with minimal discomfort. To understand how teeth whitening works, however, you have to… Read more »

Real Questions About the Effects of Teeth-Whitening

If you want your teeth whitened, you can have it done in as little as an hour during a single visit to our office, or over a couple of weeks from the comfort of your own home. Both procedures can brighten your smile up to 8-10 shades by the time your treatment is completed. That’s… Read more »

Does Your Dental Filling Live Up to Standards?

Today’s dental techniques and materials have significantly raised the bar of standards for treatment. More people enjoy beautiful, healthy, natural smiles than ever before thanks to highly-effective and cosmetically-pleasing dental restorations. For instance, if your tooth develops a cavity, you have a variety of options for treating it before the infection eats away your entire… Read more »

Is Root Canal Therapy as Bad as They Say?

Of all the restorative dental treatments available today, root canal therapy is perhaps one of the most notorious. Due to erroneous assumptions or exaggerated third-party stories, many people hesitate to receive the necessary treatment, and lose their teeth as a result. The good news, however, is that root canal treatment isn’t as dramatic as it’s… Read more »

Your Guide Through a Dental Emergency

At some point in your life, you may face a dental emergency involving pain and/or damage to one or more of your teeth. The bad news is that, by definition, an emergency means it’s too late to protect your tooth from harm. The good news, however, is that if you don’t panic, and if you… Read more »

Unhappy with Your Veneers? We Can Replace Them

Were you excited about showing off your new smile, but are unhappy with the results of your cosmetic procedure? Porcelain veneers are among the most popular modern cosmetic dentistry enhancements, improving smiles with multiple aesthetic issues in just one procedure. Most of their success, however, stems from the expertise of the dentists who placed them,… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Leave a Knocked-Out Tooth to Chance

Teeth are frequently damaged or knocked out by accident. A fall, an automobile accident, or an unfortunate physical altercation can leave you with fewer teeth then you had at the beginning of the day. Even if it was lost to coincidence, though, you shouldn’t leave the fate of your knocked-out tooth, and the rest of… Read more »

There’s a Reason for Your Toothache

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something’s wrong, and your teeth are no exception. Under normal circumstances, your teeth shouldn’t feel anything outside of the pressure from biting and chewing. If they’re sensitive, it’s likely because their defenses are weakened, and you may require professional treatment to find relief from your toothache. Why… Read more »

Dealing With a Chipped Tooth

Although tooth enamel is the most resilient substance your body produces, it isn’t indestructible, and under the right circumstances (like too much pressure), your tooth’s structure can chip or break. Grinding your teeth, biting on ice, chewing on inedible objects, or receiving a traumatic blow to the face can lead to one or more broken… Read more »

What to Do About a Failed Dental Filling

When you think of a dental emergency, you might automatically think of a cracked, broken, or knocked out tooth. If your tooth has a filling and it’s damaged or knocked out, then the injury can also constitute an emergency as your tooth’s interior becomes exposed and vulnerable to infection. Aside from restoring and protecting teeth,… Read more »