What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

In an emergency situation, you may have little time to react. When your tooth suddenly incurs damage, or is accidently knocked out, then time can determine whether or not Dr. Wright can save your tooth, or what remains of its healthy structure. Aside from a traumatic injury, some dental emergencies are long in the making, such as pain caused by a severe dental infection. For instance, a cavity may take a while to develop, but once it reaches the center of your tooth, the tooth will be in dire need of saving before the infection consumes it completely. There are a number of situations that can constitute a dental emergency, and if you find yourself in one of them, then call your Southlake dentist as soon as possible to schedule a visit.

Damage to Your Tooth

A tooth can crack, fracture, or break due to unexpected blunt force trauma, such as a blow to the face during a physical altercation. As accidents, many cases of dental trauma are not preventable, and the fracture can expose your tooth’s inner tissues to the bacterial infection, tooth decay. You can reduce the pain of a broken tooth by applying an ice pack to the side of your face after rinsing your mouth carefully with warm water. You also reduce the risk of damaging your teeth by wearing a mouthguard when playing physical sports and practicing good hygiene to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

A Broken or Failed Dental Restoration

Dental fillings, crowns, bridges, and other restorations are designed to restore your teeth after they’ve been damaged or diseased. If your dental restoration fails, your tooth can once again be exposed to destructive infection, and preserving your tooth may rely on replacing the failed restoration.

Tooth Loss

Though tooth loss can occur when you neglect the presence of tooth decay and gum disease, you have ample time to treat these diseases before they claim a tooth. If a tooth is forced out of its socket suddenly, then you may have a chance of replanting it if you visit our office immediately (preferably within the hour). If you can’t recover the lost tooth, or if replanting it fails, then Dr. Wright will consult with you to determine the best method for replacing your tooth according to your oral health and personal preferences.

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