The Reason It’s Called a “Dental Filling”

A dental filling is exactly what it sounds like; a manmade material that Dr. Wright uses to fill a cavity left in your tooth by progressive tooth decay. Describing it may sound simple, but the unique nature of your teeth and how certain materials react make restoring your smile a delicate science. A cavity is the result of a bacterial infection, tooth decay, which eats away at the tooth’s main structure, or dentin. The first step to treating the cavity is to clean away the infection and any lingering bacteria. The next step is to prepare the tooth to resume its natural duties (i.e., biting, chewing, and making your smile pretty) by replacing the tissue that was lost to the infection.

Cutting Your Losses

Your teeth aren’t like other structures in your body. If you cut your skin, or break a bone, or develop a case of the cold, your body will heal and repair itself given time. Your teeth, on the other hand, can’t regrow or self-repair their compromised structures, and the portion of your tooth that a cavity destroys is lost forever. Even if caught early, a small cavity can still weaken your tooth, making it more likely to crack under pressure. By filling the cavity, Dr. Wright can restore your tooth’s strength, as well as protect its vulnerable interior from bacteria.

Fill it With What?

At our Southlake dentist’s office, we value the beauty of your smile as much as the health of your teeth and gums. Dr. Wright uses tooth-colored composite resin to craft durable dental fillings that blend in with the surrounding tooth structure. Unlike metal amalgam, tooth-colored resin bond to your tooth’s structure, more effectively sealing the tooth and reducing the risk of reinfection. Typically, resin fillings require less tooth preparation than what’s needed for metal amalgam fillings. The plastic-based resin is applied in layers over the prepared cavity and hardened with a curing light. Once the filling is complete, Dr. Wright will sculpt and polish the bonded resin to resemble the natural tooth’s shape and color.

About Your Southlake Dentists:

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