Sweet Magnolia Fights Bad Breath & Cavities!

How many ways can you fight bad breath? If you’re currently fighting halitosis, then that may be more than just a rhetorical question. Chronic bad breath can plague patients for a number of reasons, but usually stems from poor hygiene and an excess of oral bacteria. Some of the germs in your mouth, mainly the ones that like to cling to your tongue’s surface, release volatile sulfur compounds in the form of foul-smelling gases. When it’s persistent, bad breath can’t usually be resolved with mints and chewing gum. However, scientists report that they’ve created a mint that attacks bad breath at its source, with magnolia bark extract as its active ingredient.

Mints Made from Magnolia

When you’re out and about and you notice that your breath is foul, you might reach for a mint or stick of sugarless gum to mask the odor.  Using the popular breath-fresheners as inspiration, researchers in Illinois harnessed the anti-bacterial properties of bark taken from the magnolia tree, a popular evergreen indigenous to the southeastern United States (including Texas). In their study, Minmin Tian and Michael Greenberg tested the mints using saliva from volunteers who had recently eaten a regular meal. Within 30 minutes, the magnolia mints killed over 61% of the bacteria responsible for bad breath and cavities.

Other Ways to Fight Bad Breath

While much of modern research has focused on helping patients fight bad breath, Dr. Wright advises that preventing bad breath may be simpler than some patients realize. Adhering to a strict schedule of brushing and flossing your teeth (at least twice every day, preferably before bedtime) can help control the harmful oral bacteria that form dental plaque. If you limit the amount of times you snack throughout the day, you can avoid excessively feeding bacteria and their metabolic processes. If a dental infection or underlying health issue is to blame, then you may have to undergo an appropriate treatment before finding relief. To learn more about eliminating your chronic bad breath, speak with Dr. Wright as soon as possible.

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