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3 Reasons To Consider A Bridge

Each step you take toward learning about how to complete your smile will reveal additional options and information. As a result, instead of feeling like you’re making progress, you might instead feel a little overwhelmed. Where to begin? Well, if a dental bridge is on your radar, you may wish to simply consider the details… Read more »

Extractions Quiz: Do I Need A Replacement Tooth?

Instead of worrying about the dental extraction itself, we find that patients often become much more focused on the aftermath of the extraction. You know from speaking with us that the procedure is going to be convenient and comfortable. However, you’re not sure what to think about the days, months, and even years following the… Read more »

Think Your Filling Is Damaged? Call Us!

If you think your dental filling is damaged, you probably have a good reason to feel this way. Perhaps the tooth that has a filling in it feels very sensitive when you breathe in. Maybe you noticed that a piece of your filling came out. Maybe you looked and you can actually see the issue…. Read more »

Feeling Good About Restorations In 2017

Are you feeling a little bit antsy because you have scheduled restorative treatment for 2017? Perhaps you have not called us yet but you know that it’s very important you get your smile in good shape for a happy and healthy New Year. The good news is that we can help you feel much calmer, optimistic,… Read more »

Q&A: Can I Keep My Wisdom Teeth?

When you think about wisdom teeth removal, you probably think of your friends who have gone through the process, your parents, your relatives, and more, and wonder to yourself when it will be time for you to experience this apparent rite of passage. Surprisingly enough, not everyone needs these teeth removed! If you’re a bit… Read more »

Restorations: All About Customization

Have you noticed that when we talk to you about the restoration you need for your oral health, we always mention the fact that it’s going to be customized? Do you smile and nod, feeling like this must be a good thing but you aren’t really certain about what this means for you? Allow us… Read more »