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Q&A: Relying On The Internet For Dental Care

As with just about anything else you might feel compelled to research, you will discover that there’s quite a vast and seemingly endless sea of information online as it applies to your oral health. As a result, you may find yourself hopping online when you’re wondering what’s wrong with your smile, when you’re trying to… Read more »

FAQs: Cleaning Your Tongue!

You might be someone who brushes your tongue because … well … you’ve just always done it. Or, you might be someone who doesn’t even realize this is important for your oral health! Then again, you could be a person who knows you should be doing it during your dental hygiene but you keep avoiding… Read more »

How Your Cell Phone Works For Your Smile

Have you ever mentioned to a friend that your cell phone basically does everything? It’s like a tiny computer, camera, and more. What you might not have recognized in that moment is that it can even help you keep your oral health safe! Don’t believe us? Allow us to walk you through some ways you… Read more »

Driving Habits That Are Bad For Your Teeth!

Have you ever thought about the things you do while you’re driving in your car and how they may negatively impact your oral health? Chances are good that you’re shaking your head from side to side right now because most of the time (hopefully), you’re focused on the road and the other cars around you… Read more »

Lipstick Wearers: 3 Things To Consider

Are you someone who wears lipstick on a regular basis? Perhaps you never leave home without it and you reapply throughout the day. While this classic cosmetic is certainly a staple in the beauty world, you might not give much thought the way it can affect your oral health. In certain cases, it is great… Read more »

Q&A: Important Details About Drinking Water

What could you possibly need to know about water that you aren’t already familiar with? Well, when it comes to protecting your oral health, you may find that there’s actually a lot to be said about H20 because it’s important, it’s quite helpful for avoiding oral problems, and more. Get some surprising insight you didn’t… Read more »

Biocompatibility: A Quiz!

When you make your foray into the world of restorative care, whether for minor repairs to your smile or something major like tooth replacement, you will likely hear about biocompatibility as it applies to your oral health. While it might sound impressive and you can tell it’s good for you, that doesn’t mean you feel… Read more »

Quiz: Are These Habits Good Or Bad?

What types of little habits have you formed and accumulated over the years? Do you bite your fingernails? Do you finish each dental hygiene session by staring closely at your smile and tongue in the mirror? When you’re not sure if your actions are good or possibly bad for your oral health, it can be… Read more »

Is Something Wrong With My Flossing?

Are you curious about your usual flossing? What seems to be bothering you? If you notice that every time you floss, it just doesn’t seem to feel right, it’s certainly time to speak up. Or, if you’re just not sure if you’re flossing the way we would suggest, it’s perfectly fine to admit you need… Read more »

3 Reasons To Stop Feeling Guilty About Your Smile

Do you carry guilt with you regarding your oral health? While we understand you may feel upset about neglecting your smile health, we encourage you to take a different stance. When you give up the feelings of guilt and instead turn to a more proactive approach, you will find that it’s easier than you may… Read more »