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Quiz: Are These Habits Good Or Bad?

What types of little habits have you formed and accumulated over the years? Do you bite your fingernails? Do you finish each dental hygiene session by staring closely at your smile and tongue in the mirror? When you’re not sure if your actions are good or possibly bad for your oral health, it can be… Read more »

Is Something Wrong With My Flossing?

Are you curious about your usual flossing? What seems to be bothering you? If you notice that every time you floss, it just doesn’t seem to feel right, it’s certainly time to speak up. Or, if you’re just not sure if you’re flossing the way we would suggest, it’s perfectly fine to admit you need… Read more »

3 Reasons To Stop Feeling Guilty About Your Smile

Do you carry guilt with you regarding your oral health? While we understand you may feel upset about neglecting your smile health, we encourage you to take a different stance. When you give up the feelings of guilt and instead turn to a more proactive approach, you will find that it’s easier than you may… Read more »

Time For A Water Flosser?

If you like thinking about getting your smile even cleaner than it is after brushing and flossing, you may be considering a water flosser. After all, it’s a gentle yet powerful way to remove plaque that even your toothbrush and dental floss may miss (such as plaque beneath your gumline and around dental work). It’s… Read more »

3 Weird Smile-Related Things Explained

There are some weird things that can happen to your smile. When they occur, you find yourself mystified and curious beyond belief. Then, the moment passes and you forget all about it until the next time it happens. To offer you some insight into the strange things that might cause you to question your oral… Read more »