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High Blood Pressure Meds: 2 Side Effects

You are most definitely doing the right thing for yourself if you are treating your current high blood pressure with medication. You’re doing an even better job if you’re following your doctor’s orders to control other factors, so you may be able to stop taking the medicine and manage it with a healthy lifestyle. For… Read more »

2 Surprising Causes Of Acid Erosion

There are causes of acid erosion that you are probably already quite familiar with. As you know, this type of eroding of your enamel (outer layer of your teeth) is what happens when acids eat away at the tissue, leading to a loss of tissue and damaged teeth. Of course, you want to prevent this… Read more »

Scorched Tongue? We Can Help.

Did you scorch your tongue on a steaming cup of coffee? A way-too-hot piece of pizza? That French fry that burned your fingertips and then proceeded to irritate your taste buds? We know that this is no minor annoyance but something that can seem to ruin an entire day! Fortunately, your tongue will heal quickly…. Read more »

2 Reasons Every Visit Is Essential

You might think of your routine dental visits with us as something that is just that: Routine. However, have you ever taken a moment to step back and consider some reasons it’s actually extremely important that you come in every six months? You may be surprised to learn that every last detail, from removing plaque… Read more »

Q&A: Toothpaste For Sensitivity

  Are you someone who has been dealing with sensitivity for a while, you have already received confirmation that your smile is healthy, and you’re starting to wonder if perhaps you should go ahead and use toothpaste for sensitivity? The short answer is: Yes. However, if you are like most dental patients, you’re interested in… Read more »