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Q&A: Can Teeth Get Stressed Out?

Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month? While you probably know all about what it’s like to end up feeling stressed out, you might not know what we mean when we refer to stressed teeth. The truth is, your teeth are just as vulnerable as the rest of your system to end up… Read more »

High Blood Pressure Meds: 2 Side Effects

You are most definitely doing the right thing for yourself if you are treating your current high blood pressure with medication. You’re doing an even better job if you’re following your doctor’s orders to control other factors, so you may be able to stop taking the medicine and manage it with a healthy lifestyle. For… Read more »

Why Do Things Taste Different Suddenly?

One day you’re going along on your merry way, enjoying the foods you usually eat without a thought in the world. Then, you suddenly find yourself munching on the same meals and snacks but things just taste … different. Surely, it can’t be the food’s fault, so what’s happening in your mouth to result in… Read more »

Coffee: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

When you start asking questions about coffee and your oral health, you will quickly find that the topic is not black and white. There are some good things that you can get from a cup (or more) of java. Then, of course, there are some serious, negative side effects that can also come from indulging… Read more »

How To Indulge Your Sweet Tooth And Protect It

Sometimes we meet patients who are completely honest with us (something we appreciate, of course) and who are completely honest with themselves. A good example? A patient who says to us, “I know that eating sugar isn’t good for my smile but I love sweet things. I don’t plan on avoiding sugar, so what should… Read more »

Over 60? Take Our Quiz!

Are you a dental patient who is over 60 years of age? If so, have you been wondering about your oral health, whether there are any unique issues that you should expect simply because of your age, and what to do about keeping your smile safe? If so, you may want to get the ball… Read more »

3 Questions to Ask Your Dentist at Every Checkup

Simply showing up at your dentist’s office once every six months is a good start to keeping your smile healthy, but excellent dental health requires active involvement, like asking questions and interacting with your dentist during your checkup. If you’re unsure of anything, your dentist will be happy to answer your questions. To make the… Read more »

Got The Winter Blues? Try These Smile Tips.

As the colder months approach, are you already starting to experience the winter blues as they apply to your pucker? If so, you don’t have a thing to worry about. When you have an arsenal ready for protecting your smile against dipping temps and biting winds, you can kick the blues and expect to smile… Read more »