Cigarettes: When You Want To Quit

When you decide you’re ready to quit smoking to protect your oral health and your general wellbeing, we applaud you! We also know that you may require some assistance and continued motivation to become successful. As a result, we’ve got some solid suggestions to make sure that can happen. Visit Us, Stick To A Plan… Read more »

Quiz: Your Child’s Loose Tooth

There’s something very exciting and almost magical about loose baby teeth! When your son or daughter’s first loose tooth happens, it is certainly cause for a bit of celebration. However, this moment may also lead to a long list of questions that you’re not sure you can answer. Should you force the tooth out or… Read more »

Tooth Decay: The Gateway Problem

You have likely heard the term “gateway” before as something that’s an initial problem, which leads to far worse concerns. When it comes to your smile, we encourage you to think of tooth decay as a dangerous introduction to complications. What’s the big deal, you wonder? Who cares about a little cavity? Well. It can… Read more »

Meet The Mayor At Scratch Kitchen

Do you ever feel a bit disconnected from the leaders of your community? Wish you could ask questions and actually get to know your mayor, for instance? If so, you will want to take advantage of the upcoming Meet The Mayor event, which is a nice relaxed way to hang out with fellow members of… Read more »

Why Do Things Taste Different Suddenly?

One day you’re going along on your merry way, enjoying the foods you usually eat without a thought in the world. Then, you suddenly find yourself munching on the same meals and snacks but things just taste … different. Surely, it can’t be the food’s fault, so what’s happening in your mouth to result in… Read more »

Think Your Filling Is Damaged? Call Us!

If you think your dental filling is damaged, you probably have a good reason to feel this way. Perhaps the tooth that has a filling in it feels very sensitive when you breathe in. Maybe you noticed that a piece of your filling came out. Maybe you looked and you can actually see the issue…. Read more »

3 Esthetic Issues And What To Do

In many, many cases we talk with patients who are dealing with esthetic issues but aren’t sure what to do about them. The short answer is always that you should come to us for cosmetic care. Just a quick visit will give us the full scope regarding your needs, possible treatment options, and how to… Read more »

Coffee: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

When you start asking questions about coffee and your oral health, you will quickly find that the topic is not black and white. There are some good things that you can get from a cup (or more) of java. Then, of course, there are some serious, negative side effects that can also come from indulging… Read more »

Scorched Tongue? We Can Help.

Did you scorch your tongue on a steaming cup of coffee? A way-too-hot piece of pizza? That French fry that burned your fingertips and then proceeded to irritate your taste buds? We know that this is no minor annoyance but something that can seem to ruin an entire day! Fortunately, your tongue will heal quickly…. Read more »