Driving Habits That Are Bad For Your Teeth!

Have you ever thought about the things you do while you’re driving in your car and how they may negatively impact your oral health? Chances are good that you’re shaking your head from side to side right now because most of the time (hopefully), you’re focused on the road and the other cars around you… Read more »

Lipstick Wearers: 3 Things To Consider

Are you someone who wears lipstick on a regular basis? Perhaps you never leave home without it and you reapply throughout the day. While this classic cosmetic is certainly a staple in the beauty world, you might not give much thought the way it can affect your oral health. In certain cases, it is great… Read more »

Healthy Living For Your Brain And Body

Do you catch tidbits of information here and there about what you should be doing to keep your brain and your body safe as the years go by? If you’ve been feeling a little concerned that you should perhaps be doing more for yourself but you’re not sure where to begin, this upcoming Healthy Living… Read more »

3 Reasons To Consider A Bridge

Each step you take toward learning about how to complete your smile will reveal additional options and information. As a result, instead of feeling like you’re making progress, you might instead feel a little overwhelmed. Where to begin? Well, if a dental bridge is on your radar, you may wish to simply consider the details… Read more »

Q&A: Important Details About Drinking Water

What could you possibly need to know about water that you aren’t already familiar with? Well, when it comes to protecting your oral health, you may find that there’s actually a lot to be said about H20 because it’s important, it’s quite helpful for avoiding oral problems, and more. Get some surprising insight you didn’t… Read more »

LiveFit, LiveWell Lecture Series

Have you been thinking about your health and fitness lately, wondering if you’re doing all that you can for yourself? Perhaps you have been hearing the buzzword “inflammation” pretty frequently and are curious about whether it’s affecting your life and what to do about it. If so, this upcoming LiveFit, LiveWell Lecture Series is just… Read more »

After Care For Whitening Questions

When you’re thinking about the benefits of receiving teeth whitening, it’s easy to get excited about scheduling your treatment. However, when you begin considering the unknowns, it can cause serious motivation to suddenly turn on a dime. Instead of feeling ready to head out for your vibrant smile, you may feel a little worried instead…. Read more »